Fight Respiratory Infections Easily with Ionic Silver and a Nebulizer.

One of the most effective, if used at the first sign of a runny nose, or ill feeling, is to make a small batch of ionic silver, which is easy to make with a set of 3 nine volt batteries in series and to alligator clip wires and two 99.9999% pure silver rods, which can be purchase cheap on Ebay. 
Heat the water to boiling, add a pinch of sea salt, and let it cook till the water turns into a silvery milk color, or if you wish it to be more strong, you can let it go to what is called Yellow silver, which is a dark brownish color.

Then take a cheap nebulizer with a mask attachment.
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Inside of the little medicine cap, you put about 6mL of ionic silver solution in it, put the mask on and just breath it in deep.  Let the medicine cap run out of the silver, and add more in, and just keep breathing it in, filling the lungs with the atomized silver.  Until it runs out.

You can then drink the rest of the solution, because ionic silver looses it's charge rather quickly, so it's always good to make a fresh small batch for each use. 

I have found this to be the most effective in stopping flu, and respiratory infections in it's tracks, because it gets the solution straight into the area where the virus' are, the sinus', and lungs.  I have knocked out some hard core stuff with this method, and have found that a $33 dollar nebulizer off of Ebay was the best investment in wellness that I have ever made, and has saved me from plenty of bronchitis, and pneumonia possible type infections, where drinking the solution didn't effectively get it into the area of infection, and a blood electrifier also wasn't able to reach the lungs and sinus'.

This same method can be used as well with Lugal's iodine and ascorbic acid added to de-color the iodine and make it even more potent.

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Ebola Striking Again in Congo

Here we go again.  In the prime testing ground on the continent of Africa.  It looks like the Shadow Powers are testing yet another strain of their prized Ebola Virus in the Congo where 2 have been confirmed cases, and 10 are under suspicion.  We will have to wait and see if they'll be able to stop it quickly, and it not escape and spread around with the virility of the last strain, but Congo is one of the larger countries in Africa, and it is located at it's center, so it could spread any direction.

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Mobile Phone Cancer Warning As Malignant Brain Tumors Double

This Article is not news to me.  It's the whole reason I do not even have a smart phone, but use a small old school flip phone with absolutely no bell nor whistles, and I do not even like using that, but a cell phone is almost a necessity these days.  But now, especially with the rise of 5G in the forecast, things will begin to get worse.  Brain Tumors is not the only things listed that mobile phones can cause, and are also have been traced to the rise in mental illness.  We live in a weird world.

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China is Using Brain Tuner Technology on a Industrial Scale

Do you think brain tuning is a sham, well China is using similar, but more advanced technologies on an industrial scale.  They are using Brain Reading Technologies to measure the emotional output of workers, then they adjust the brain waves to make them more productive.  Which is basically what a brain turner does, adjust or synchronize your brain wave patterns.  Crazy things happening in the world today.

The Original Bob Beck Bio Tuner


Mind Reading Machine That Can Translate Thoughts Into Text on a Computer

This Article makes you wonder what else they are doing behind the scenes, especially with the rise of 5G?

This is an article showing how they have devised a way to translate thoughts into text on a computer.

CDC warns of a Second Wave of the Flu

image from WKNB27
As a universal law that those in the know have to obey, they always have to give warning of the things they do behind the scenes, so here is an article stating a second wave of flu bug is on the way.  They always warn us before releasing their genetically altered virus bio-weapons on the public.  Isn't that nice of them.

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Turpentine In-Inhalation Bronchial Treatment

Turpentine In-Inhalation Bronchial Treatment

If you have a chronic issue with lung infections, then this old remedy using turpentine may help take care of the issue.
First thing you will need is a way to make vapor.
Sonic Humidifier

Put distilled water in the unit with a small pinch of sea salt
Add 1 tsp of (Pure 100% Gum Spirits Turpentine)

Place the unit somewhere in your home or room.
Turn it on
Let it run.

The vapors will fill the house, and you will breath it into the lungs, and the turpentine will eliminate the infections attacking your breathing. 

This method will also help rid the body of parasites.

Talk About Vaccines

Let's talk some on vaccines

It's plain and simple, vaccines are shit, and mindless sheep herd their children down to the clinics and pharmacies, and willingly inflict their own blood lines with this shit.  Then they defend the injecting of their offspring with these toxins, and belittle anyone who has the intelligence to research for themselves the harmful long term effects of vaccines.  Here is a video which explains very detailed information on the contents of vaccines, and the things it will do to your child in the years to come.


The Power of Copper

The Power of Copper

Here is an interesting video on different methods of making colloidal copper, with aspirin, and explaining the vast importance Copper has on the body, even more so than Silver.  Copper is a more potent antimicrobial than Silver, plus it is involved with may important functions in the body.

It is a good way, especially if you use it with Boron (20 Mule Borax, 1/4tsp to 1L of water for males, 1/8tsp to 1L water for females), to reverse the affects of the nano-particles we all are being exposed to today through the secret governments Stratospheric Aerosol Injections, or the Conspiracy term, Chem Trails. 

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Ionic Copper, How to Make & The Benefits

Ionic Copper, How to Make & The Benefits

Copper is a very important metal that the body uses in a vast array of functions.  It is used in Red Blood Cell production.  It is essential in keeping your nerve cells, and your immune system healthy.  It is also used in collagen production, so if you are seeing wrinkles, then you are probably copper deficient. It also keeps your hair from turning gray, and in skin color.  If you have gray hair, it's because you lack copper, and if you have white blotches on your skin.  It is key in the health of bones and connective tissue.  Copper also acts as a antioxidant, which can reduce damage to cells and DNA.  Copper also has a vital function in heart health and function, and Copper also is a strong anti-fungal agent, so can be used as a treatment of  Candida.  You may benefit from making Ionic Copper, which is the same method as making Ionic Silver.  Here a video explaining the method.
The only change I'd make in this method is that the ionic copper will make faster if you heat the water to boiling first. Heated water makes ionic metals faster.