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Genetik Design Kits

Here is a concept 'Straight Outta Scifi'.  I small home based company out of a West Oakland apartment called The Odin, is selling "gene-editing" kits, with all the goodies to create your very own Genetically Modified Organism.  The company is founded by Dr. Josiah Zayner, who has a PhD in biochemistry.  He worked for NASA, engineering organisms in order to help astronauts survive on Mars.  He's career there wasn't innovative enough, so he took his knowledge of the genome to the net at HTTP://THE-ODIN.COM.  Dr. Zayner says in an article: "What I want to study is, how do we make dragons or super-humans or something like that?"  This sounds like Marvel/DC Universe in the making.  
The kit teaches the novice "Bio Hacker" how to inject tree frogs with a human growth enzyme the doubles the size of the frog within a month.  He states in the article: "It sounds ridiculous, but we've been doing gene therapy on human beings since the late …

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