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The Original Bio Tuner Instructions

  The Original Bio Tuner How to use: First make an electrode electrolyte Mix ¼ tsp salt or baking soda with ½ cup of water let dissolve for 3 hours Then take a ¼ cup of plain water and add 4 drops of electrolyte to this, and use this only. Put electrolyte up to make more later.  It is important to only use a few drops from the salt water, to much salt will corrode the electrodes and cause burns and skin irritations.  Take the two cotton cloth straps and wet them with this solution then wrap one each around the metal electrodes Place the electrodes behind the ears lobes.  Plug in the electrodes and turn it on. The current is adjusted at the top knob.  Clockwise is to High and counterclockwise is to low. The pulse settings are at the bottom right.  The circuit is completed through the body.  You will notice a buzz feeling, just a gentle buzz is all that is needed.  If you feel no buzzing then slightly adjust the electrodes around on the skin on each side until you do.  Make sure the cott

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