Meditative Use of My Schumann Vibe Circulatory Bio Circuit

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For anyone that is into Meditation and Non Drug Induced Altered States of Mind, 
sometimes find it hard to reach that Between Alpha and Theta brain wave state 
that is said to be the sweet spot that few can obtain.
7.8hz is said to be that sweet spot 
or between 6hz to 8hz brain wave.
So to make things easier,
My Schumann Vibe Bio Circuit can do the trick.
On the 7.83hz Schumann Vibration.
It will bring your brain into the earth resonance with accuracy and perfection.
How is this possible.  Simple, My device Vibrates at 7.83hz, then
This vibration is transduced into the body through electrodes
And by means of physics laws, the electrical oscillation causes the electrical
oscillations of the brain to match and oscillate at 7.83hz.
Then just relax with your eyes closed and do your chants or mantras,
or just sit quietly with eyes closed and you will begin to feel
yourself entering into that perfect 7.83hz between Alpha and Theta Meditative state,
and be in tune with the earth.

Just one of the Many things my Bio Circuits can do for you.
Bio Tuning
Blood Electrifcation

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