How to Make a Beck Blood Electrifier.

How to Make a Bob Beck Blood Electrifier according to his schematic. 

This link is to my own version of the circuit of the Bob Beck Blood Electrifier.

However for the people that can't afford it
or whom wish to be adventurous then
I will show you how to make the old unit that Beck designed.

 The case used was a cheap first aid kit.

 Just a SPST push button switch, this was a recycled switch.
A knob (optional) according to how cheap you are.
 This unit uses 3) 9 volt batteries wired in series.
The unit is heavy but can be carried around
Here is the layout on easy to use Vero Board
The parts can be obtained off of ebay
or an Electronics store.
Here is the parts list
30w soldering iron with good pencil tip.
Solder .5diam 60/40
1 Vero Copper Strip-Board 90.5mm x 50.5mm
3 9volt battery connectors. Plus 3 good 9volt Batteries.
1 each 3.5mm phono MONO jack Male and Female
Some 22 to 24 Gauge speaker wire for electrodes about 2 foot piece.
2 SMALL penny nails for electrodes.
1 100k potentiometer
1. 8 hole dip socket
Switch SPST (single pole single throw)
1 1N4001 (this is to protect from accidental reversal.)
2 18v zener diodes
1 dual color 2 pole LED(these are hard to find, so may be easier to use a plain 3mm LED)
2 100k 1/4watt
1 150k 1/4watt
1 2.4M 1/4watt
820ohm 1/4watt
0.1uF monolithic capacitor
22uF Electrolytic capacitor

The brown squares with brown dots are cut places/ use an exacto knife to slit these areas on copper side, just a good swiped on the small copper strip will be enough to stop it from shorting out.

TIP #1:
Learn how to solder.
You have to control your heat or you will have a bad solder and the part will not be connected right, or you will over heat the part and burn it up.  So learn how to solder good first.

Wire switch SPST(single pole single throw) : center pin to sw in and end pin to sw out.

Wire the battery connectors in series, positive from board batt + to positive wire then negative wire to positive wire then negative wire to positive wire then negative wire to negative batt- on board.

The female 3.5mm phono plug wire top pin to jack 1 on board
wire middle pin to jack2 on board
wire 3rd pin on side by the input plug to jack 3 on board.

Center pin to pot 2 on board
3rd pin to pot 3 on board
with the potentiometer with knob facing you it reads from left to right
1, 2, 3
1 is your left 3 is your right.

The LED in the pic needs a slit between the positive and negative pins or it will short out, just can not see the brown square and dot in the pick.
The LED only works when electrodes are not plugged in, it is a circuit tester.


Now take and solder the speaker wire to the male 3.5mm plug.
(make sure to put the plug casing on first then wire the plug one to the small pin then the other to the base of the plug.)
Take the other ends of wire and strip them about an inch.
Now wrap the stripped wire of one side to the sharp end of a penny nail and
with a soldering iron solder it to the nail.
Then do the same with the other side.  Then take some heat shrink and make a seal from wire to nail.
This makes perfect electrodes and all you have to do is keep them clean and wipe them off after use and they will last forever.

Now for those that do not want to mess with this
I offer a better, lighter,
Easy to carry 
Single battery Electrifier for an affordable price.
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