Blood Electrifier, How Long Does It Take Blood To Cycle?

How much time does it take for blood to cycle through the body?  Well think about this amazing fact: one whole minute.
The heart pumps a phenomenal 2,000 gallons a day.  The human body holds 6 liters, which is about 1 1/2 gallons.  So the heart pumps 83 gallons in an hour, so this would make that 1 1/2 cycle through the body in just one minute.

With the blood electrified on. For a two hour treatment, 166 gallons of blood would be treated, or the blood would be treated roughly 120 times, because there is 60 minutes in an hour.

I myself use my Hemo-Purifier while I do my nightly cycling exercise on my stationary bike.  This makes even faster flow of blood and that my blood is treated even more times in 2 hours.

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