Bio Tuner, Brain Tuner, Brain Synchronizer, How This Device Works

How this Device Works
Bio Tuner Square Wave

This device produces (2) distinct square waves.

One square wave is 111hz.

The second square wave is 1110khz.

Now these two waves are modulating with each other by using a special circuit and a Transformer.
The modulation phases back and forth between the two set frequencies via the transformer.

(Be Aware of the Bio Tuning device you buy, especially on Ebay, for it to be a true Bio Tuner, IT MUST HAVE A TRANSFORMER and use ONLY AC).  

Now if this was it, then maybe you'd say this is no big deal, but wait, there is more to these kind of devices.

They produce Infinite Harmonic Overtones.
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Bio Tuner Harmonics
If you strike a cord on a guitar, the cord vibrates, not just the set cord, such as picking the 'D' cord.
When these square waves strike, they keep vibrating, and vibrating on and on.

Bio Tuner, Brain Tuner Electrode Placement
Here is an example:
111hz will also produce
So in reality you get much bang, for little pocket change, at least when it comes to my devices, because I price them in the range to help those who can not afford the high prices of SOTA.  Sure, they may not be as technologically advanced with a microprocessor, but they still have great impact in their ability to help alleviate a condition, they are simple and very, very effective.  This simplicity makes people skittish, because this society has made everything so complex, and has waxed so far away from the simplicity of nature and her rhythmic flow.  All the problems, both physiological, and psychological is all stemmed from mankind's resistance to nature's laws, and going out on our own way against her, but rest assured, we will lose to her if we keep going against her mighty tides, she is bigger than we. 

Vibrational Frequency Reverterbration
Now these frequency modulations are transmitted into the body through electrodes. This transmission is an electrical signal.  The vibrating electrons will alter the electrons in the body to the frequencies being transmitted by an act of physics called transduction.  This is accomplished at the receptors of the molecules.  

Now a similar effect to prove this action is an audio transducer, which will turn any object into a speaker.  This is the same kind of effect the electrons are doing to the human body.  Speakers called Bone Transducers can turn human bone, like the skull, into a speaker by this same effect except with sound waves.  It's all in the Law of Rhythm and the Law of Vibration.  Everything moves, and if everything moves then every object's vibration can be altered in someway, just as every rhythm can also be changed by altering its tempo, and these alterations of rhythm and vibration cause very noticeable psychological effects. 

These type of devices are no quack joke, or scam.  They have rhythmic vibrational impact on the physiology of the body, especially the nervous system, to which is how this device is so effective in it's function. 

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