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Bob Beck quoting on this unit and the research found about it.

Brain Tuner Side Effects
The most troublesome side effect that has been noted almost universally is that it stimulates lucid dreaming.  Some people who have been shut off from their dreams are a little alarmed at first.

Is it possible to replace an addiction with an addiction to the Brain Tuner?  No.  We've had a problem with a few alcoholics who we've gotten off say a fifth of scotch a day, and they feel so great they panicked.  When they went back, drinking only two fifths they got the same effect that they would on one.  We believe that this is the death wish and since God gave those people free will and they've chosen to anesthetize themselves, that's their choice.  But if they want to kick whatever it is, it works.  It only works about 45% effectively with tobacco.  With Dr. Elizabeth Long's work with heroin, morphine, it's been about 95%.  With Valium and Librium about 95%.  The only thing that we can't kick almost instantly is tobacco.  That's the most addictive substance known to man.

Other Benefits-Memory, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia.

What are the benefits if you don't have an addiction?  This is another one of the startling side-effects.  My own lady had had a spinal block when her daughter who is 25 years old was born.  Since that time she could not remember telephone numbers or addresses very well.  She found after she'd been on it one day that she was recalling telephone numbers, did not need the telephone book, ... and numbers that she had known 20 years earlier when she worked in aerospace, were coming back.  You'll find that you can recall faces and places that you thought you had lost, they're just there.  It does amazing things to the memory.  It is as specific for stress reduction.  If you have any type of anxiety, depression, insomnia.  If it's chronic it takes about 3 weeks.  This is a universal constant that has been replicated in any number of studies.  If it's acute it takes about a week.

Does it improve intelligence?  What they found in a student study at the University of Louisiana, again this is accessible in the literature, they were working on students who had anxiety about final exams-and I know I've been there, years age fortunately.  And after they had removed the anxiety, the freezing, their IQ's went up.  So the story was spread around for a while that these things improved intelligence.  But it turned out that that isn't what was happening.  What had happened is that they had restored these person's memory.  Apparently they were then able to access the information in a shorter period of time and since IQ tests are graded against a clock, they were getting higher scores.  So it wasn't intelligence, it was simply memory that had been rehabilitated.  And this was controversial from about 1977 to 74.  There were all these arguments in the literature about why was this person performing better and the final solution was simply that the memory had been restored.  In other words apparently when the brain is tuned, the neuro-transmitters are in balance.

With regards to depression, Lithium carbonate requires blood assays, the dosage is fairly critical.  In most of the studies, again double blind, a most amazing thing happened in some of these studies.  The doctors, who had done them, and I have one or two of these from the University of Wisconsin, said that we hope our colleagues check our results.  We can't imagine anything being this effective and yet we've gone over out studies repeatedly.  To have a responsible scientist put that in his report as sort of a disclaimer, I found rather titillating.  And yes it does specifically address stress-related symptoms and at the top of that how well balanced, how well tested, how high on pot, or low on Valium, Lithium or what have you that they get to be.

When the Brain Tuner is used, does that place someone in a beta state or alpha state or something like that?  Not necessarily.  It simply addresses the stress-related symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, or addiction, hypertension, you name it.  You see 80% of the hospital beds in this country, maybe 100%, are occupied with people who have psychosomatic ailments and most of these are now traceable to stress.  When you relieve the stress, you're going to reverse that condition.  there was a time when they thought that maybe there was one or two diseases that had no stress related syndromes, like cancer. Now, of course, it's been shown that there are vast psychosomatic factors in even that.  So the point is you can hardly name any things to work with.  And if you re-link that body with some of it's normalized neuro-transmitters, they apparently work faster than anything else to normalize the body.

Learning Disorders
Dr. Hunt has been working with people with dyslexia and she finds that she can resynchronize their left and right hemisphere.  This is measured with photo-stimulus.  If you flash a strobe light at the closed eyes of a child with dyslexia and measure the evoked potential, the photo stimulus, that's taken off of the occipital, you'll find that the signal will arrive from one eye at a different time than it will the other.  Yo can see this on a oscilloscope.  Which means that the optic nerve is not processing that data coherently.  After the Brain Tuner is used, the firing of the neurons are reset, so that they're all marching to the sound of the same drummer-the person can read for a while after that exposure without palming, without going through the usual strategies of a person who is un-synchronized.  So, you can call it a brain wave synchronizer, you can call it a gobbledy gook.  If it's working don't fix it.

Pain Relief
The Brain Tuner can be used for pain relief, it's a superb TENS or Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulator.  I was going to lunch with Paul and the Ambassador a couple of weeks ago and I tripped over (it was very embarrassing) one of these tire puncturing things and having had about 10 years of judo, I slapped as I was going on the cement.  And I broke, I don't know whether I broke the bone-but this was extremely painful.  I couldn't even move it.  And I thought "Holy cow what's the matter with me?"  So I got the Brain Tuner, put it on the area and the next day I had full mobility and no pain.  I held the electrodes on my hand for about 10 minutes.  So, it's a superb TENS unit.  But we don't sell it for that purpose.  Meg Patterson, when I first met her, was wearing her brain tuner, the Pharmacon unit in her belt with the electrodes taped on her back.  She had low back pain.  But you cannot us a TINS unit for a Brain Tuner because there's a DC offset.  Any DC above the neck causes small synoptic polarization.  Like electrolysis.  Do not use a TENS unit as a Brain Tuner.  But you can use a Brain Tuner as a TENS unit.

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