What is a BIO TUNER?

What is a BIO TUNER?
A Bio Tuner is a simple to use piece of technology 
that produces square waves.
These square waves pass through the body 
because the body becomes 
a part of the Bio Tuner circuit.

You as an individual become ONE with the Bio Tuner device.
You become a human circuit.
This is a perfect combination were 
human and electronic 
become a single unit

A Bio Tuner produces a cycle of energy flow
or a repetative cycle of current 
with in a second of time
called a frequency or a vibration.
These vibrations produce electromagnetic fields 
which also cause an induction of 
energy by these fields known as a 
eddy current.  
Which is like an infinite circling of energy.

Now these cycles of time 
cause the molecules in the body to vibrate 
at the produced vibrations of the Bio Tuner.

This has a harmonizing effect to the 
physiology of the human body.

Like a music conductor with an orchestra gives lead 
so that the orchestra stays in rhythm.

This unified vibration and rhythm brings the 
physiology of the body into 
synchronization with the Bio Tuner device.
 This is very similar to an Apple IPod syncing with a Apple Computer
in order to exchange information.

The cycles being produced by the Bio Tuner
also produce a rhythm of ascending harmonics.
These ascending harmonics also bring the molecules
into an ascending vibration that are addtions
to the set vibrations.
This simply means a vibration of 111hz
or simply a 111 cycles with in a second of time
+ itself.
or 111 + 111 = 222hz
222 + 111 = 333hz
333 + 111 = 444hz
So not only is the vibration of 111hz causing a vibration in side of
the body but it is also ascending in vibration 
with it's harmonics being produced with each cycle.

Everything is being Harmonized by the unity of vibrations.
The Bio Tuner plays the body like an instrument.
This is causing it to come into sync with it's own physiology.

Now is it the vibrations that are causing this synchronization?
It is possible, 
but a more plausible explanation is that the unified vibrations while
synchronizing the body along with the vibration gives a unified theme 
for the body to use less energy to work, because energy always follows
a path of least resistance, so a synchronized body with the Bio Tuner
device is giving a easier communication within the body.
The Brain then is able to send information more rapidly through
The neurons from one place to the other.
Things that were out of touch with each other now
have a unified means of communicating with more ease.

It may also be that the vibrations bring up the vibrating cycles of the brain.
Giving that the Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma brain waves.
The higher Vibrations bring the Brain into a Gamma state which has
been found in the higher functions of the brain.

But you do not have to know why it works fully.  
Because the moment you place it on 
and let it run you will know that it does work, and
that it does cause changes in a good way.

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