Blood Electrifier, Blood Purifier, Beck Electrifier, Schumann Circulatory Bio Circuit.

Blood Electrifier, Blood Purifier, Bio Electrifier, My Schumann Circulatory Bio Circuit.

This is a unique Blood Electrifier that uses AC COLD Electricity and 2 Schumann tuned tones.
2.5hz (Pain Relief Setting)
7.83hz (Schumann Earth Resonance)
31.32hz (Pituitary Gland Stimulant)

Now unlike Bob Beck's Electrifier which uses Hot electricity, 
this little device utilizes COLD Electricity

It naturally flows in AC Current, and not in a mimicked AC like the Beck Version.
The COLD Electricity is more powerful in flow.

It will NOT cause electrolysis
It will NOT burn skin
It will NOT cause Electroporation of Cells
Nor will it Cause ION migration.

It has a cooling effect as it passes through the body.
It has an intense power, but yet not over whelming.

Easy to Use:
Just strap the dampened electrodes over the Ulnar/Radial Arteries, or Wrist to wrist
(Do Not use Wrist to Wrist with a Pace/Maker.)

This device is also a step further in electro/vibrational-therapy.
The electrodes can be strapped parallel to aching joints.
Electrodes can be placed within the Auricle entrance of the ear
 to message the brain for a head ache.

Can be used as a area of pain treatment device, or a single frequency bio tuner.
So this device is more than a Blood Electrification Device!

A unique device like this can easily go for 200 to 300 dollars easy
But here on this Blog, this device is available for a low
low, low, low, LOW Price.
plus shipping.

With delivery you will receive:
The Device
9v battery adapter
set of wrist electrodes
wrist straps
Arm Strap to Mount device to arm.
Cotton straps for electrodes

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***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ***