Bio Tuner, Brain Tuner, Brain Synchronizer, The Full Ancient Solfeggio Bio Circuit

Bio Tuner, Brain Tuner, Brain Synchronizer, The Full Ancient Solfeggio Bio Circuit A special use of the Ancient almost Mystical Tones of the Solfeggio Electromagnetic Music Scale. Dr. Joseph Barber rediscovered these mysterious tones, and for 3 years Dr. Leonard Horowitz researched these 6 tones and discovered each had their own influence to the body, even to repair damaged DNA.
Bio Tuner, Brain Tuner, Full Solfeggio Bio Circuit
So with this in mind I designed a Device that is not confined to the cranium.  But can be used all over the body.  You may say, "How is this possible or Effective?"  Simple, through the neurons.  You have in your body 3 types of neurons.  Sensory, Intermediate, and Motor, and they all communicate with each other, and are all linked to the central nervous system.  Now, this little device creates a vibration, many many vibrations in fact, and vibrations work their way through this complex array of neurons by causing the receptors to vibrate at the induced frequencies.  How is this possible? It's just a law of physics.
Bio Tuner at Molecular Level

In 1974, Dr Colin W. F. McClare, an Oxford University Bio-Physicist, discovered that frequencies of vibrating energy are roughly one-hundred times more efficient in relaying information within a biological system than physical signals, such as hormones, neurotransmitters, other growth factors and chemicals. 
Bio Tuner, Mind Map of Solfeggio Bio Circuit
This Device is an orchestrator in a small box.  Playing your body with the Ancient Solfeggio Music Scale, like a wondrous instrument that it is.  Harmonizing it.  Allowing energy the least resistance to communicate within the body.  If you can imagine your neurons dancing to the tones, and your DNA repairing damage from all the years of abuse that we put our bodies through day to day, it is any wonder we last as long as we do.  But that is the beauty of these great machines call our bodies, for there is no other thing that can compare to it.  This is where this device comes into play, because it becomes a part of you.  You and it become one.  You are the circuit.  The blood in your body becomes the wires.  Every cell resonates with the tones.  It becomes an extension of your own self.   This is why I named all my devices not only after myself, but M.S.H. also stands for 'Multi-Vibrating / Systematic / Human Bio-Circuit.
With this device you receive 12 modulating tones.
The first set of tones are:
285hz, 369hz, and 417hz
these will modulate with a selection of:
639hz, 741hz, and 853hz
These 6 modulate with these set tones:
DNA repair frequency
Which brings the body back into it's perfect state of being.
And for the Affordable price of
How can you not take advantage of Solfeggio Bio Tuning
To bring your body back into it's proper working order and harmony?

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