Why is My Bio Tuners Better Than Others?

The reason why all my Bio Tuners are different and better 
is that I implement stimulation for the Human
bio energy field
This is the area that modern science ignores, 
but continued advancements will hopefully change and recognize this important factor of the human body.
Hopefully, but I doubt the greed of the robber barons will allow it.

My devices, through the use of COLD electrical energy channels this subtle energy oscillating at special frequencies into the body and circulates it.
COLD Electricity feels more different than Hot electricity that other's devices use.  It is more intense, but does not over whelm.  It has special unique healing properties to it.  This method of electricity was utilized by Nikola Telsa for it's special properties.  This form of electricity can light a bulb under water, and will not shock you if you put your hand into the water with it.  Very unique, and it gives a more impact bio tuning treatment with it's subtle properties, with intense but gentle flow.  However do not go and try to light bulbs with the device, it uses low voltage cold electricity.

Now why did I do this?
The majority of sickness and illness stems from a lack of bio energy.
Every day we feed off of each others energies.
Some feed more off of others do 
to their energy fields flowing in an 
improper pattern or because of bad health.
You may notice that being around some people is draining.
You feel more tired around them than others.
Maybe you get irritable, 
and this stems from their energy fields 
flowing in an improper pattern.
 This improper pattern and also a very weak energy pattern 
can manifest into a variety of aliments. 

With the induction of Harmonic frequencies implemented with cold electrical flow.  You get a complete bio tuning experience that will bring the two hemispheres of the brain in sync, and will elevate mood, and enhance well being.

So not only is the Physiology of the person being treated,
but also the subtle fields of the person is also being addressed,
which is actually the reason for the reason that the 
devices are even used in the first place.

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